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Capillary Moisture

humedad por capilaridad

The Capillary Moisture is another of the humidities that occurs very frequently in the houses and is the least expected, since it can happen at any time, to avoid the humidity of capillarity the primordial thing is to measure the capillarity of the land, ground or surface where we are going to build our house, for it a previous study must be made before the construction, if the land has a lot of humidity the construction will not be feasible, since in the future the house will have problems of humidities.

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In this article we are going to talk all about the Capillary Moisture from the definition of Capillarity to other very frequent topics such as: What is capillarity? What is the Capillary Moisture, capillarity of the soil, causes, consequences, problems of Capillary Moisture, solutions and treatment of Capillary Moisture, and among other topics. The important thing is that you know in detail about this problem of humidity.

Capillary Moisture


What is Capillarity?

Capillarity is the Phenomenon that achieves an attraction of humidity between the surface of the fluid with the contact of a solid body, this makes the humidity rise as long as the element has humidity. In short, it is the attraction of the humidity that a solid element with the humidity of a liquid surface, making it ascend until it reaches it or reaches a balance between both parts, so that this physical process happens the environment must be closed.

This phenomenon is also known as Water Capillarity, since we are talking about the attraction of humidity and to refresh the memory humidity is the amount of water or steam that a physical body has. So what is the capillarity of water? It is important to remember that it is the attraction of humidity that makes the lower humidity rise until it reaches or approaches the higher humidity, both Water Capillarity and Capillarity have the same meaning.

The Capillarity Phenomenon is often seen in the construction field, making the humidity of the sole rise up the walls to make contact or balance with the humidity inside the house. The Principle of Capillarity or the phenomenon of capillarity is the humidity by condensation or filtration that we have in homes, which attracts moisture and mineral salts to the walls and walls of our home.

humedad por capilaridad definicion


What is Capillary Moisture?

The Capillary Moisture or Humidity by capillarity is one of the disadvantages of more serious humidities of a house, because I say this to comparison of the other types of humidities this begins to destroy and to eat the walls or walls, due to that the humidity ascends from the ground up to our house, for it is necessary to realize previously an exhaustive study with respect to the capillarity of the land where we are going to build our house.

As we have mentioned before the capillarity of the water, it is the attraction of the inferior humidity to the superior humidity, doing that this rises and that it rises by the foundation of the walls or walls, in addition that the principle of the capillarity is due to the high humendad that we have in house, being a great magnet of the capillary humidity.

Now that you know what Capillary Moisture is and its definition, the question of the million is Who pays for the Capillary Moisture? Will Insurance cover it? It depends a lot on the clauses that your insurance has, I would recommend you to take much into account the problems of humidity when you take out insurance, since the price for the treatment of Capillary Moisture is very high, in the case of living in a flat or apartment with a community of neighbors, the community must have an insurance for this problem of humidity, the most affected are the people who have a low, woe that take serious precautions!

humedad por capilaridad definición


Types of Capillary Moisture

The rising humidity by capillarity develops under a natural physical process, helping the subsoil water ascend through the capillary pores and through the foundations, walls or walls of our home. The filtrations by capillarity are easy to detect, with only seeing spots of humidity in the inferior part of the walls, it is a signal to begin to suspect that we are suffering of Capillary Moisture and to the confirmation of the problem is with the appearance of the saltpeter, when the inferior facade begins to fall.

As much the filtrations by capillarity as the humidity is the meaning of problems of humidity that this damaging to the housing and in a future to our own health. to enter but in the subject, we are going to treat the problems separately, as the humidity in walls by capillarity, humidity in walls by capillarity and the capillarity of the ground.

Capillary Moisture in walls

Humidity in walls by capillarity is the first symptom we see when suffering from this problem of humidity, the building materials we use in our homes and offices are prone to contracting humidity, as the implementation of damp-proofing membranes can prevent the appearance of capillarity in walls, so before building our house we should consider using damp-proof membranes for the structure of the house.

The Capillary Moisture in stone walls is also another type of humidity that has the capillarity, we must bear in mind that it is a natural process that the humidity ascends, likewise the external walls of chalets or brick walls, are equally vulnerable to this problem of humidity.

Since we know what is capillarity, physical capillarity and humidity by capillarity and its definition, we must know the most common problems that are generated by humidity in walls by capillarity, here are some examples:

  • Peeling or peeling wall.
  • Stains on the wall
  • Saltpetre on the walls
  • Detachment of Paint.
  • Discharge in wall
  • Moisture Stains on the Wall
  • Damaged wall sockets, tiles and bricks

humedad por capilaridad en paredes

Capillary Moisture of the floor

The Capillary Moisture of the ground in the same way that the humidity by capillarity in walls, is one of the great problems of humidity and causer of damages of the structure of the houses. The filtration of the humidity by means of the floor can cause great damages in our floors, tiles, parquet, etc., the most notorious symptom of the capillarity of the floor are the bad smells of the curved floor.

Old houses are more prone to suffer Capillary Moisture, we can see white spots on the parquet, wet carpet, also feel bad smells of the bulging floor, for it we must make a reform where we can isolate the soil from moisture, with damp-proofing membranes or other damp-proofing products, then place a new floor, can be parquet, tiles or the one you want, it is very important to isolate the floor of the old house if you do not do this, the house will continue to suffer from capillarity.

humedad por capilaridad del suelo


Causes of Capillarity Moisture

We know that it is the capillarity of the water and which is the meaning of the capillarity, besides that the floors, walls and walls are the main affected by this problem of humidity. An important point is that before the construction of our homes or when buying a new one, this must be regulated and ensure that the house is moisture proof, to avoid moisture by capillarity, condensation or filtration in the future.

The causes of Capillary Moisture cannot be 100% controlled, as this phenomenon is a natural occurrence, what we can do is take precautions to avoid Capillary Moisture. But here I am going to mention to you what are the causes that generate the Capillary Moisture.

Presence of groundwater

In this case, a study on the capillarity of the land is essential in order to find out if it is suitable for construction, if it does not have too much humidity or if it has groundwater, since these conditions directly affect the structures of the dwelling when the Capillary Moisture starts to rise towards the surface and impregnates the foundations and structure of the dwelling.

As we have mentioned this cause cannot be controlled because it is a natural event, but we can take precautions and thus avoid it, the humidity of groundwater can cause stains of moisture on the wall, white stains on the parquet, chipped, chipped wall, etc.. For this it is advisable to isolate the floor from moisture using damp-proof membranes or other damp-proof materials that prevent capillarity.

humedad por aguas subterráneas

Intense rainy season

The Capillary Moisture usually takes place because the materials of the house are in direct contact with the earth, so in season of intense rains the floor does not usually absorb all the water that produces the rain and it is when the excess begins to rise for the walls and walls, causing stains in the wall, chipped wall, spalling in wall, capillarity in walls, Capillary Moisture in walls of stone and especially in the external walls of chalets.

The problem of Capillary Moisture is very serious, and that is why I highly recommend the use of damp-proof insulating materials and thus we can avoid the capillarity of groundwater and heavy rainfall. In the end you are the one who pays the Capillary Moisture and it is not cheap, and if you live with a community of neighbors, this must be insured to cover the expenses as long as this problem of humidity occurs.

humedad por lluvias

Defects in damp-proofing thermal insulators

The damp-proofing insulators can be the best solution for Capillary Moisture and condensation, but it does not only consist of having it and saying goodbye to humidity forever, knowing the meaning of humidity and the meaning of capillarity, we know that they are the major cause of damage to our walls, ceilings and floors and even in any structure of the home.

But if the thermal insulators anti-humidity have defects such as openings, cracks, poor quality, poor durability or damage by bugs or pests, then our home is not fully protected and gives way to dampness and the most common symptoms are peeling walls, moisture in walls by capillarity, peeling, and so on. In the case of presenting these problems is that the thermal insulators anti-humidity have defect and we must act in the moment.

aislante humedad


Humidity Problems due to Capillarity

The problems of capillarity or problems of Capillary Moisture is the worst happening that we can happen, thanks to the ascendancy of soil moisture our homes are totally vulnerable, it may be that at first we do not take much importance, but I will tell you that the damage by capillarity are very deep.

Here I will mention which are the problems of capillarity that exist, all these problems affect both the structure of our home and our health, in the case of living in a community of neighbors is advisable to take into account that the ground floors are the most vulnerable to get these problems of moisture.

Saltpetre in the Walls

The appearance of saltpetre in walls or saline efflorescence is the safest proof that the house is suffering from Capillary Moisture, and then what is the meaning of saltpetre? It is the saline substance that contains the rising water that impregnates our walls and walls, causing a serious problem for housing and health.

The clearest symptoms of saltpetre is to see the walls peeling, porosity of the wall, appearance of white stains and mold, and especially that begins to fall the facade of the wall leaving holes and flaws of poor appearance. When you know what can cause the saltpetre, you will ask yourself How to remove the saltpetre from the floor and walls? Are there products to eliminate the saltpetre in walls? How to make home remedies to eliminate the saltpetre?

The problem of saltpetre in walls and floors or also known as saline efflorescences, are not so easy to solve, to be able to treat it it is necessary to call a specialist, for the moment there are no home remedies to eliminate the saltpeter but that everything needs a professional treatment to begin to combat and eliminate this problem of humidity.

Salitre en Paredes

Peeled walls

It is a serious problem but not as much as saltpetre, in the same way we have to take this problem seriously, this humidity problem happens when the walls start to peel and the dry paint pieces fall, giving an ugly appearance to the façade.

Surely you will ask yourself: How to eliminate the humidity by capillarity?, How to solve the Capillary Moisture?, How to solve the humidity?, Any treatment for humidity by capillarity?, How to avoid the humidity by capillarity?, etc., to be able to avoid this problem of humidity and therefore to suffer from chipped walls, later I am going to leave you the solutions for humidity by capillarity.

Pared Descascarada

Wet walls

The humid walls is another of the problems of Capillary Moisture that exist, perhaps it is not as serious as the saltpeter in the walls, but of equal way it is a problem of humidity and is a great cause of a peeling wall, appearance of stains in the wall, also the appearance of the Moho. In this case it would be difficult to maintain a stable paint or facade because the moisture in the walls will start to eat the paint, you can reduce the impact with the use of a damp-proof paint.

In the same way that in the chipped walls later I am going to mention you the solutions for dampness by capillarity for the humid walls.

humedad en paredes

Problems in electrical installations

Humidity by capillarity brings with it the problems of electrical installations, this can be seen when the humidity is very close to plugs, Tv sockets or light switches, being a danger for these devices and even very dangerous for people who manipulate them, being able to cause circuit attacks.

To do this we must perform moisture treatment in walls and avoid being in danger, when the saltpetre in walls and floors appears, is that things are getting worse and is a sign of taking action to solve the humidity by capillarity that has our home if we do not want the problem is aggravated.

humedad en enchufes

Humidity Bugs

Another of the most unpleasant moisture problems we may have at home is the presence of moisture bugs, the most common are silverfish and moisture mealybugs, just looking at these moisture bugs, assumes that the house is suffering from moisture problems, may be from moisture by capillarity, filtration or condensation.

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In order to eradicate them from our home we must seek to solve and speed up the repair of dampness, you may ask yourself the following questions: How to eliminate Capillary Moisture? What is the best system to remove Capillary Moisture? What anti-humidity treatments exist? or How to avoid Capillary Moisture? all these doubts we will answer you, but if you want a quick and homemade solution for the bugs of dampness I present you below.

  • The use of ethyl alcohol will help us to eliminate the bugs from the humidity, only consists in finding the nest or the place where they are located and spray the liquid, and you will see how these bugs die and therefore to eradicate. (Important to wear masks and gloves).
  • Use boric acid, just sprinkle on the corners and cracks of the house, the bugs of moisture start to die sure to find them on the floor, ready to throw them into the trash. This product is harmless to humans, it is an ideal solution for curved parquet, it is where they are mostly hidden.
  • The use of insecticide for crawling animals that must contain 1% acetamipride, with this industrial product we can eliminate the bugs from moisture, just spray the spray directly. (Important to use masks and gloves).

Health problems due to capillary humidity

Capillary Moisture brings with it problems for the housing and for the health of the inhabitants, the appearance of fungi, mold, saltpetre, peeling walls and humidity is harmful to our health, in these circumstances the diseases to which we are most prone are respiratory diseases and pulmonary family. Other problems are the humidity in clothes and sheets equally bad for health.

Health problems due to humidity is a very important point and should not be ignored, we have to eliminate humidity by capillarity as soon as possible to avoid it and then we ask ourselves how to eliminate Capillary Moisture? How to fix humidity by capillarity? How to solve Capillary Moisture? or Is there any treatment for humidity or anti-humidity treatment? etc..

Here I am going to mention to you which are the illnesses that we are exposed if we live in a house with problems of Capillary Moisture, in the case of having at least one or two of these symptoms you must consider that the house this suffering of Capillary Moisture and must be solved as soon as possible.

  • Asthma
  • Sinusitis
  • Bronchitis
  • Lung infections
  • Bone pain
  • Muscle and joint aches.
  • Chills
  • Tos

Humedad en paredes y Salud


Capillary humidity: “SOLUTION and TREATMENTS”

The Capillary Moisture is one of the problems of humidity that happens in a house that is in an area with high humidity, in addition that it is a natural process that we cannot avoid but if we can take action to counteract or to avoid the damages, that is to say we cannot avoid the phenomenon of the capillarity but if we can avoid that the capillarity damages to our houses.

As we have said before, the price for treating damp by capillarity is not cheap, it depends a lot on the degree of damage, quality of materials, duration of work, dimensions, etc.. According to a study carried out in Spain the average cost or price for treating capillary humidity is 1.740 euros, this price can go up to 4.500 euros, so it is advisable to avoid this problem of humidity and hire an insurance to cover these problems of humidity.

So far we have already known What is capillarity, What is the Capillary Moisture, types of Capillary Moisture, causes and problems of Capillary Moisture, now we have to say the solutions to eliminate, treat, counteract and avoid this great problem of humidity.

Moho en paredes interiores

How to fix a wall with humidity?

The walls or walls are the structures of the house that receive more damage thanks to the problem of Capillary Moisture, the solutions can be many everything depends on the problem of humidity that they have and the gravity of the damage, depending on that they can use any of the following options that you show.

These are the possible solutions that can help us eliminate or remove moisture in walls by capillarity, usually to treat problems of capillarity must be waterproofed interior and exterior walls, being one of the most common solutions in this problem of moisture.

reparar humedades por capilaridad

Paint for humidities or Thermal Paint

The paint for humidities also known as waterproofing is an ideal paint for walls with humidity, that helps to block the penetration and impregnation of the humidity, if the damage is not so serious, only consists of sanding the wall and applying it, a very important data the anti-humidity paint prevents the humidity does not fight it,

How to paint the walls with humidity?. As all paint needs to clean the area where you are going to paint, and apply the paint for dampness compared to normal paints in this varies the amount of paint and time of drying. The good thing about it is that we can find many colors, being easier to find a color that suits our tastes.

With this insulating paint moisture Can we paint walls with Capillary Moisture, Of course only have to find the right paint for the capillarity, remember that the paint can prevent moisture does not eliminate them, but first we must address the problem of Capillary Moisture that we have on the walls and then apply the paint, because it is worth nothing to repaint if the house continues with the problem of capillarity, the safest thing that in a few days we see the peeling paint.

Pintura antihumedad impermeabilizante

Moisture insulator

Moisture insulators is one of the best solutions for humidity by capillarity, and because I say this we already know that capillarity is a natural phenomenon where humidity rises to the surface affecting the walls, walls and floors of our home, causing much damage to the house.

But by using moisture insulators we can protect the home and avoid Capillary Moisture, so that moisture does not rise to the foundations and floors must also have these damp-proofing insulators, is more could be considered as the best system to remove moisture by capillarity and prevent them at the same time.

In order for the Capillary Moisture treatment to be effective and permanent, it is necessary to obtain floor insulation for humidity, so that the humidity does not rise through the foundations and walls. The following materials can be considered moisture insulators.

  • Thermal membrane Anti-humidity
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Acoustic insulation panel
  • Aluminized thermal insulation against humidity, etc.

Wireless Electroosmosis

Wireless Electroosmosis is one of the new methods to fight against Capillary Moisture, based on a change of polarity, its work consists of an electrical expansion that displaces the molecules of moisture from the wall or wall affected, towards the interior of the floor.

This new method consists of creating an electric field that helps to expel the water from the walls, since the wireless electroosmosis being a new method is not 100% effective, that does not mean that the anti-humidity apparatus does not work, one thing is if it works and another thing is the effectiveness of the apparatus.

The Capillary Moisture is more complex compared to other humidities so it is better to contact companies specializing in humidity, to help you solve the humidity by capillarity in a safer and more effective. At the moment we do not know any home wireless electroosmosis, so if you are looking for how to create one you will not find it, as these are specialized equipment for humidity.

Electroosmosis Inalámbrica

Capillary Anti-Moisture mortars

It is possible to use the mortar for humidity by capillarity, this solution consists of making perforations in the walls a little above the floor and then apply the mortar between the holes so that the humidity does not continue rising, likewise it is possible to apply the mortar over the walls that have humidity to counteract the problem of humidity and apply the base and anti-humidity paint.

Capillary Anti-Moisture mortars must be applied by a bricklayer or specialist, rather than a permanent solution the Capillary Moisture is a temporary solution as the capillarity damp will continue to attack and pass over the mortar.

Some people know it as impermeable mortar to eliminate humidities, in the same way the mortar can be a good treatment of humidity in walls. If you were wondering how to remove humidity by capillarity quickly? The damp-proof mortar is a good option.

Morteros antihumedad

Drainage by capillarity

Drainage by capillarity or perimeter Drainage is a very common anti-humidity treatment by capillarity, although it is not 100% effective, practically this solution consists of making a ditch between the walls of the house and the exterior, in order to avoid the stagnation of rainwater in the land of the house and therefore the ascendancy of moisture to our foundations and walls of the house.

Drainage reduces the impacts of Capillary Moisture to our home, not remain 100% effective because the home remains in direct contact with the ground, which can continue to generate humidity by capillarity. How to solve the problems of Capillary Moisture? continues to be one of the most frequently asked questions that people, there are many solutions is only to find one that is suitable and effective for your problem of Capillary Moisture.

Drenaje por capilaridad


The hygroconvectors also known as knapen method, are inserted into the walls about 18 cm high from the floor surface, holes are made in the walls between 28 to 30 cm deep ascending, and is where the hygroconvector is inserted which is a PVC tube that has 2 holes in the head for dry air to enter, replacing the humid air of the wall, causing the moisture is expelled from the wall, the wall dries and moisture disappears.

This method is used especially for capillary humidities and to avoid the unpleasant problems that this type of humidity can cause. So far we have found many solutions for capillary humidity, we are also answering the questions we asked ourselves at the beginning. How to remove capillary humidity? How to fix capillary humidity? How to eliminate capillary humidity? How to solve capillary humidity?


Sika Damp-proofing Products

Sika is a brand of specialized products for construction and industry, this brand is the number one in sales in Spain with respect to building materials, the brand has a wide variety of materials for humidities, so we consider this brand as a great supplier materials that help in the treatment of Capillary Moisture.

The Sika brand has good artefacts and anti-humidity materials for capillarity, just google “Sika Anti-humidity capillarity”, “Humidity capillarity Sika” or “Sika capillarity” we can find many products that help us in the solutions of humidity capillarity.

sika antihumedad capilaridad

Damp-proof Plants

Anti-humidity plants may not be a direct solution to eliminate or avoid Capillary Moisture, but provides its grain of sand, this type of plant helps absorb moisture from the house reducing the impact on both the Capillary Moisture, filtration and condensation.

Here are some ideal specimens to combat and that provide in the anti-humidity treatment by capillarity, could be considered as a homemade solution for the humidity by capillarity.

  • Lily of Peace
  • Sidewalk Palm Tree
  • English Ivy
  • Fern
  • Tillandsia
  • Peperomia

Plantas Antihumedad

Images of the Capillary Moisture


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