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Condensation Damp

Humedad por condensación

Humidity by condensation is one of the most frequent problems we suffer during the winter months or cold season, managing to affect very seriously our homes from the walls, ceilings, floors, rooms, basements, windows, etc..

The real problem lies when temperatures change radically, from a temperate temperature to high or low temperatures, this causes moisture to accumulate inside and outside our homes, generating such moisture problems as mold, peeling paint, appearance of saltpetre, etc..

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In this article on Condensation Damp we are going to touch on many relevant points such as: Types of condensation, causes of condensation, consequences, how to avoid it, solutions, images of condensation, frequently asked questions about condensation humidity and other topics. The important thing is that you know in detail everything about this problem of humidity.

Humedad por condensación

What is condensation?

Condensation is the physical change from a gaseous state (particularly Steam) to a liquid state. This process of change is inverse to the vaporization that is in liquid state and changes to a gaseous state at high temperatures (i.e. hot), whereas condensation is from a gaseous state to a liquid state at high and low temperatures. If someday you are asked what is condensation, now you know what to answer.

This change of state, is also known as the condensation of water, since water changes from the liquid state to the gaseous state, for example: in an act of survival the human being can obtain water from the condensation and as it can be possible this, with a process of exudation we can obtain natural water from the plants. On the other hand, condensation causes humidity problems in walls, ceilings, floors, windows, etc., weakening the structures and façade of the house.

condensation damp


So, what are condensation damp?

Well, the Condensation Damp is the result of the condensation of the humidity the climate to a liquid state, in general this process happens when the temperatures are lower than 2 º C or higher than 30 º C, a clear example is when we cook, the water evaporates and impregnated in the walls and ceiling, leading to moisture problems in the structures and bases of the house, this type of moisture is usually noticeable in windows and tiles.

Another example is the appearance of mold or peeling paint on walls and ceilings, in addition that mold can cause health problems such as allergies, respiratory problems and nasal infections. When you know this you will wonder how to avoid condensation. Well below I am going to leave you the solutions for this problem of humidity, but before we know the types of Condensation Damp that exist:

  • Condensation Damp in walls
  • Condensation Damp in ceilings
  • Condensation Damp in windows

Humedad por condensación


Types of Condensation or Condensation Damp.

Condensation in the home or Condensation Damp occurs when there are very radical climatic changes as explained above, this can happen inside or outside the home. Remember that condensation is the process of changing from a gaseous state to a liquid state.

It is considered that there are different types of condensation in homes, which is why we are going to present it according to the surface where moisture can accumulate, and you will ask yourself, “How can I eliminate Condensation Damp? Well, don’t worry, we’re going to offer you some very effective solutions and advice to eliminate condensation humidity at home.

So we are going to present the following surfaces of the house where the great problem of Condensation Damp can accumulate.

Tipos de condensación

Condensation on Walls

Humidity due to condensation on walls is another common humidity problem that we can see in our homes. It is manifested thanks to the excess of temperature, both cold and hot, in the first case it is due to the climatic change of the winter season and in the second case it is due to the summer season or to the time of cooking or bathing, this is very much reflected in the mirrors and tiles.

The condensation in houses is not only seen in the walls, it is also reflected in the windows, but good if we deviate from the subject, one of the most common problems we can find is the appearance of mold, paint openings, stains on the walls, appearance of saltpetre, etc.. A very important data is that the condensation appears with the shock of the hot air with the cold air, generating drops of water in walls, ceilings and windows.

The humidity in walls by condensation can be noticed very much in the interior walls as in the facades, giving a bad aspect to the house, for that reason we must fight it and prevent to future, then How to eliminate the humidities by condensation? There are many ways to combat and prevent them, you can find in Condensation Damp Solutions, here I am going to show you some images about moisture in walls.

humedades en paredes por condensacion

Condensation on roof

The Condensation Damp in ceilings is also another of the great problems of humidity in the houses, for it we must act with rapidity, what can seem a small opening in the painting of the ceiling, can turn into leaks, stains, mold, etc., very margin of giving a bad aspect to the facade, this problem can damage the internal materials of the structures.

It should be noted that condensation accumulates directly to the walls and ceiling, and I do not say this only for the kitchen or bathroom, this can happen in rooms, basements and terraces that are completely closed without any ventilation and this is where air condenses with the walls and ceiling.

The causes of condensation in ceilings can be many and for that reason we must prevent it, then you will ask yourself: How can I eliminate the humidity by condensation? How can I eliminate the humidity in the ceiling of the bathroom? Is there any quick solution for the condensation in the ceilings?

The solutions we will find in the topic of Condensation Damp Solutions, and there where we will find the solution for the humidity of the ceiling of the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc.. In addition, we will find home-made and easy to apply solutions for humidity in walls due to condensation.

Humedad por condensación en techos

Condensation on Windows

Condensation Damp in windows is one of the most notable moisture problems, moisture in windows can be noticed simply by looking at the numb glass, causing damage to the frames and wall, condensation in windows is faster to see compared to previous condensations, so we must take action quickly to avoid problems of condensation in the future.

Moisture can act in many ways such as, for example, condensation in aluminum windows is the most common problem but can also be prolonged in windows of wood, iron, steel, etc.. Imagine that when you wake up you look at condensation problems in your room as numb windows and mirrors, and I do not say it as a problem for the home if not that we expose ourselves to different problems of moisture in our health as asthma or bronchitis.

A way to avoid condensation in windows of aluminium, wood, steel, etc., is that we must ventilate the whole house, a brief example: at the time of cooking or showering we must open the windows so that the steam does not condense in the walls, ceilings and even in the floor, and thanks to this we can avoid the condensation in houses, as the humidity in windows, walls, floors, etc., and future problems in the structures of our home.

condensación ventanas aluminio

Interstitial Condensations vs. Surface Condensations

There are two types of condensations: Interstitial and Superficial Condensations. As mentioned above, we have divided condensations by affected areas or surfaces such as walls, windows and ceilings. But you should know that condensations can be classified by the intensity of the damage, I will mention the difference between the two.

The Surface Condensations that are the least damaging, although they are the most noticeable dampness, it is possible to say that they are easier to solve, for this reason I am going to give you an example: The damp stains or mild mould on the walls, the solution for this problem is to sand or file the wall, then paint and add a liquid waterproofing, if you realise it is not so difficult, it is but we do not need to hire any specialist or damp-proofing company.

Compared to Interstitial Condensations the damage is much deeper, it is possible to say that the humidity by condensation is more penetrating towards the structure of the house, here is an example: The saltpeter in the walls, to solve this problem it is necessary to puncture the wall and to add new cement base, since the current one is very damaged, to add mortars anti-humidity, painting and liquid waterproofing, it is advisable to go to a specialist or company anti-humidity.

Condensaciones intersticiales y superficiales


What causes condensation?

Humidity by condensation are the most frequent problems in homes and it is not necessary that there are climatic shocks of the environments, this problem of humidity can also happen due to lack of ventilation. We must consider that both events are the cause of problems Condensation Damp.

When we know what the causes of Condensation Damp are, we will know why condensation occurs and how we can avoid it in the future. In addition that the humidity in interior walls by condensation are the most notable and that give bad aspect to our home, being impossible to receive a visit of a relative or friendship, tell me if I am not in the correct thing.

It should also be borne in mind that we can find moisture in bedrooms, condensation in an underground room, moisture in the ceiling of the neighboring bathroom by leaks from our floors, condensation on the windows, etc..

Condensation from air conditioning

Perhaps the humidity from the air conditioning may seem like a great relief in the summer season or in the months of great heat, but you knew that this device can cause problems of condensation in our homes, offices and ourselves, look I explain the cold air that expels this device penetrates the walls, also that expels drops of water thanks to the internal evaporation process of the machine and not to filter it through a drain, this would be a great problem of humidity for the wall, ceiling and floor.

And now that you know how and why condensation occurs in the air conditioning. It would be good to know how we can avoid this problem of humidity. The first thing is that the device must go through a review or a good maintenance where they clean the pipe, filters, etc.. If the air conditioning does not receive a good maintenance apart from the problem of humidity, this can generate bad odors that is much more unpleasant than the previous problem.

humedad aire acondicionado

Condensation from closed rooms

We know that condensation in homes is the most common moisture problem we can find, now the million dollar question is Why do enclosed rooms present this problem if they are not exposed to vaporizations or low temperatures? The answer is that closed rooms do not have adequate ventilation and that the air condenses, this makes the air has a lot of water vapor pressure, causing moisture problems such as stains on walls or mold appearance, even if it is not an interstitial condensation is still a problem of moisture.

And you’ll wonder how to eliminate Condensation Damp in closed rooms?. It is simple only we must ventilate the rooms with more frequencies leaving the windows open by some hours so that the air is renewed and improves the ambient temperature of the place, to avoid the humidity in interior walls and in ceilings of the room.

Condensación en paredes

Condensation in kitchen

The condensation in the kitchen is much more noticeable compared to other places in the house, usually happens when cooking, this is when the water evaporates and impregnated in the walls, ceilings and even on the same floor, if you wonder Why in the walls of the kitchen has tiles? It is good because they retain the evaporated humidity so that they do not get impregnated in the structures of the walls, although the ceiling and the windows usually do not have the same luck, in question of the ceiling can be used term anti-humidity paper, aluminum foil or waterproofing paint.

Humedad en techos de concreto

Condensation in Bathroom

The Condensation Damp in the bathroom is similar to the humidity of the kitchen thanks to the evaporation of water, plus the bathroom is the place where much more water is used compared to other areas of the house. The evaporation of the water can cause dampness in the ceiling of the bathroom, walls, windows and can even transfer to the ceiling of the neighboring bathroom, since the water can be filtered through the ceiling.

I am going to mention to you which are the causes of condensation that can originate in the bath.

  • Stretch the clothes inside the bathroom, remember that the humidity of the clothes can impregnate the walls and cause humidity problems.
  • Accumulation of water in the laundry, showers or sinks, this opens the door to Condensation Damp as the water evaporates and condenses on the walls and ceiling of the bathroom.
  • Heating problems, when you turn on the heating generate high temperatures of hot humidity, which can lead to problems Condensation Damp such as the appearance of mold. Remembering that mold is bad for your health is a major cause of asthma and breathing problems.
  • Humidity in homes is generated mostly by moisture problems in the bathrooms and kitchen, it must be said that cover more than 60% of cases of moisture. They can be reflected in the stains by humidity or cracks in the paint, for it we must communicate with a specialist to treat the problem and act quickly.
  • Although it does not have much to do with Condensation Damp, the problems of humidity in the bath can affect the ceiling of the neighboring bath, by problems of filtration of the floor of our housing, as long as we live in an apartment or in a floor.
  • To have a deficiency in the thermal isolation, when not possessing a good thermal isolation the humidity can be filtered and impregnated in the internal and external walls of our house, or by the high temperature of our bath like the cold temperature of the zone where we live, all this implies and can cause the humidities.

humedad en el techo del baño


Condensation problems

The problems of Condensation Damp are the consequences that it can cause if we do not take action before this problem of humidity, it can that at the beginning we do not give much importance but in itself it is a very serious problem, the Condensation Damp can unleash a series of harmful altercations for our housing and for the health.

Here I am going to mention the problems of Condensation Damp that exist, so that it is more orderly we are going to categorize them in two parts: first according to the damages in the house and second for the damages to our health:

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Condensation Problems at Home

These problems of condensation affect directly to the structure of the houses, they can be walls, ceilings, windows, floor, etc., they are the most habitual problems that we can find by the Condensation Damp and for that reason we must take steps in the matter to solve it and to avoid it in the future.

Condensation Mould

Mold is one of the most troubling condensation problems we can have, did you know that mold fungus is a great potentiator of health diseases and is capable of destroying anything that grows on it. Mold spores are found mostly in the air suspension and as they adhere to moist surfaces they begin to grow and gradually consume their surface i.e. they feed on it.

In areas where the climate is more humid may be hot spots for the appearance of mold, this fungus is dark, usually black or green, penetrating the surface that is growing, if we realize in time may not be so serious damage, coming to solve it.

The most likely places to have mold are basements, cellars, under kitchen sink, bathroom, under or behind refrigerators, around windows, air conditioning, under carpets etc. Here are some homemade solutions to eliminate or remove mold, if you want a more professional solution you can turn to a company anti-humidity that will provide a more professional and even permanent solution to combat mold condensation:

  • Use 1 cup of bleach with water in an aerosol and spread it with a sponge or cloth to eliminate and remove mold on walls, ceilings and damp surfaces.
  • Use high-potency vinegar in a spray bottle, spray on the affected area, and clean.
  • To kill the mold we can use ammonia with water, spray on the affected area and let act for 10 minutes, then wipe them with a cloth and ready. This is an ideal homemade recipe to eliminate condensation mould.
  • Mix 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with water and rub the affected surface, then rinse with water, this technique is ideal for killing mold in the upholstery.
  • It is recommended to use rubber gloves and glasses. On the other hand these homemade solutions are ideal for eliminating mold in walls, windows, floors, ceilings, etc., is much cheaper than insulating the walls from moisture condensation, being much more expensive and treated by moisture companies.

moho por condensación soluciones

Condensation Damp Stains

Condensation Damp stains are one of the most common problems, both on walls and ceilings. Just like Mould this problem of Condensation Damp at the beginning we do not give importance to it as it is getting worse, it is there where we just took action, the clearest symptom are those black, green, dark, purple and yellow spots that appear on the walls giving a bad appearance to the internal and external facades of the house.

como eliminar condensación en ventanas

Bad Smells due to condensation

Other problems by condensation that exists are the bad smells that can produce, are so unpleasant that just feel it is more than clear that we must deal with this problem of moisture.

Salitre en Paredes

Condensation Peeling Wall

This process originates with the appearance of air bubbles in the paint, compared to the other problems of Condensation Damp this is not so serious, we only have to sand the affected area, add the anti-humidity base and repaint, preferably use thermal anti-humidity paint.

Pared Descascarada

Condensation problems in health

Humidity by condensation is also a major health problem, consider that the consequences of this humidity problem if not treated in time can be very damaging in the short and long term. And the most affected are small children and the elderly because they are the people who have the lowest immune system.

Here are some health problems that can cause humidity by condensation, if you have between one and two of these diseases in necessary to consider that you have a serious problem of humidity and that must be resolved as soon as possible:

  • The presence of mites and bacteria.
  • Respiratory infections.
  • Asthma.
  • Allergies.
  • Rheumatitis.
  • Osseous diseases.
  • Continuous nausea and dizziness.

problemas de salud por la humedad (2) (1)


Condensation Solutions

We have already known what are the causes and consequences of Condensation Damp, now we are going to talk about solutions, the most basic solution to avoid the problems of condensation in the home or humidity in homes is ventilation, we must always open windows for a few hours so that air is renewed and not concentrated in closed spaces.

Since we have known the most basic solution, you may need other more effective solutions, you may be wondering: How to remove condensation from a room? How to remove Condensation Damp? How to solve the problems of condensation in a home? Is there any treatment of moisture by condensation? Can I repair the moisture by condensation on walls? Is there any repair of moisture by condensation?

Do not worry we will answer all these questions you have done, we will give you a series of tips and advice to deal with this problem of moisture, for this we will divide the solutions according to the surface where moisture originates from condensation, for example:

Condensation in Walls Solutions

The condensation in walls is produced by the “Dew Point”, being the temperature of the room very high and the temperature of the walls very cold, in this shock of temperatures the humidity becomes liquid and impregnates the walls affecting both the facade and the structure of the wall. To avoid this problem we know that ventilation is a good option and even a solution as long as the damage is not so serious, but know other solutions to this problem of moisture.

  • Always try to hang or dry the clothes outside the house, avoid drying the clothes inside the house as moisture can impregnate the walls, windows and ceiling. Always remember to ventilate closed rooms and thus we can avoid problems of moisture and a future lining of interior walls, and the application of a moisture treatment by condensation, the latter two are expensive.
  • We must isolate the wall of the Condensation Damp, for it we can use a thermal insulator or panel of isolation, in which it is necessary to cover the wall with a false facade, to maintain the ideal temperature of the wall, being a solution but permanently.
  • To use thermal paper anti-humidity, this insulator is very easy to use, this designed specially to prevent the condensation and penetration of the humidity in walls, arriving to avoid the shock of temperatures between the wall and the surface, being ideal for the walls without tiles and the ceiling of the kitchen or of the bath.
  • At the time of shower make sure to keep the door well closed to prevent the steam from spreading to the rest of the house, remember that the steam from the shower is as penetrating as the steam from the kitchen, so we can avoid any future repair of moisture condensation in the house.
  • Something similar to the thermal paper anti-humidity are the moisture-proof membranes that allows us to prevent the penetration of moisture, not only in the walls also throughout the structure of the house. Remember that the anti-humidity coating of the interior walls is more effective and durable, this is applied between the cement of the wall and the false facade, so we can avoid moisture problems in our home.

aislar pared humedad

We have mentioned many solutions and tips that can help you in the anti-humidity treatment in interior and exterior walls of your home, among all the solutions the most effective are the thermal insulators that are the anti-humidity membranes or insulation panel, this allows us to prevent the penetration of moisture in the home even if there is a shock of ambient temperatures and surface.

Membranas a Prueba de Humedad

Condensation in Ceilings Solutions

Condensation in ceilings is also produced by the little ventilation that exists in the room or zone of the housing, a great cause of the condensation in ceilings is the evaporation of the water, between the most common problems we have to the stains of Condensation Damp and mold, for it we must act with rapidity and avoid that the problem is aggravated.

There are many questions we ask ourselves to solve condensations, such as: How to remove moisture by condensation? How to remove condensation from a house? How to remove condensation from a room? Solutions for Condensation Damp? Any quick solution for Condensation Damp? How to remove moisture in homes? and many more. I am going to mention some effective solutions.

  • When cooking use the covers of pots, to prevent the escape of steam and prolong condensation in ceilings, walls and windows, it is also recommended to open the kitchen window when cooking, like being in the shower open the bathroom window, likewise from nearby rooms to dislodge air steam.
  • If you use a dryer ensure that the room is properly ventilated preferably outdoors, we must also keep the heating low for a long period so that the walls are heated slowly and avoid the shock of temperatures and therefore Condensation Damp.
  • How to remove condensation humidity in the ceiling? It is one of the most frequent questions that is made, if condensation is not serious just sand the damaged part of the roof and repaint, it is preferable to use a thermal paint anti-humidity or implement a thermal aluminum foil, so that the steam does not concentrate on the roof.
  • In the event that the ceiling has a crack or crack, a bright solution is to cover it with a good acrylic damp-proofing product, let it dry and paint with a damp-proofing paint and not only for ceiling can be used on the walls, ideal to combat dampness by condensation.
  • Use the damp-proofing CTA or a dehumidifying device that helps us to renew the air in the room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Also these machines are able to balance the temperature of the environment to avoid condensation humidities in walls, ceilings and windows.
  • If you are not a homemade solution, and you want a more professional and permanent solution, I would recommend you to use thermal insulation in ceilings, creating a layer that protects the ceiling from condensation humidity, and with this permanent solution you will never again ask these questions: How to remove condensation humidity? How to remove condensation from a house? Solutions for condensation humidity? etc.

papel termico antihumedad paredes

In this section we have known some solutions and tips to help us combat and prevent dampness in the roof and other structures of housing, as we have mentioned in both cases the insulation of walls and ceilings, is the most effective solution to combat this problem of moisture. There can be many home and professional solutions, it depends on you which one you want to take.

cta humedad

Windows Condensation Solutions

The condensation on windows is much more noticeable and faster to locate, just see that the glass is numb, crying and dripping, it is clear that we suffer from moisture problems, in which we must take action quickly. Bearing in mind what are the problems and consequences of condensation dampness in windows you will be asking yourself: How to eliminate condensation in windows? or How to avoid condensation in windows?

  • To avoid condensation in windows we should not close the curtains and blinds, since the air can not circulate inside the house and therefore the steam is concentrated on the windows of the window, in greater domestic activity is better to open so many windows, curtains and blinds to circulate the air.
  • It is possible to use dehumidifiers that are devices that are in charge of absorbing the environmental humidity, eliminating the humidity of the air and therefore to avoid the Condensation Damp.
  • Check and change the windows, if the humidity is excessive is necessary to install low emissivity glass (Low E), which reduce heat loss, another option would be storm windows that is more economical, an important fact is that condensation in aluminum windows is more common compared to the types of windows.

In this section of solutions we have answered the questions we asked at the beginning, some of them are home solutions and very easy to do, while others are more professional, we must bear in mind that condensation in aluminum windows, wood, steel, etc.., like other types of condensation are harmful to the structure of the house, for it is necessary to take measures quickly with Condensation Damp.

como evitar condensacion en ventanas


How to prevent condensation?

The first measure that you must do is to control the percentage of humidity in the house or the relative humidity of the air that we have in the home, this must not exceed 70% or 80%, we must also consider in which geographical area we are because rural areas and coasts have more humidity than other places, for example: the humidity of the air of the forest or green areas is higher than humidity of the city.

Now we are going to answer the following question: How to prevent condensation? To be able to avoid the Condensation Damp, we must follow certain advices that allows us to balance the temperature of the air, for example: we must open the curtains and the windows so that it can enter fresh air, to place ventilators or heating in cold season, not to cover the chimneys, etc.

The important thing is to maintain a balanced percentage of humidity in the house in order to avoid condensation in our homes. On the other hand the materials or products that we are going to mention will help us to avoid the condensation in the windows, walls and ceilings, that is to say to avoid the Condensation Damp.

eliminar humedades por condensacion

Anti-humidity paint

The anti-humidity paint or Thermal Paint, is a special paint that prevents moisture from impregnating the walls or ceilings. It is important to point out that this damp-proofing liquid prevents condensation, it does not solve it, so if you apply it above the humidity it will not solve it. The paint for humidities must be applied when the problems of humidity are eliminated, another important data is that it varies a little the amount of application and time of drying.

The paint for humidities counts on a great diversity of colors, being easier to find some that adapts to our tastes, the price is a little more expensive or elevated to comparison of the normal paintings, since it is a special painting for humidities, but in the long term it is much more economic. The price of the paint ends from 4L is between 32.00 to 45 euros depending on the brand.

One of the best known brands is Sika which is an impermializable paint and is one of the most used to paint walls with moisture problems, we can say that there are different types of specialized paint, for example:

  • Moisture insulating paint
  • Indoor damp-proofing paint
  • Anti-humidity paint for breathable interior
  • Breathable anti-humidity paint
  • Paint for deep humidities
  • Damp-proof plastic paint
  • Breathable plastic paint inside
  • Thermal anti-humidity paint

Pintura antihumedad impermeabilizante

Thermal paper Anti-humidity

The Anti-humidity Thermal Paper also known as anti-humidity thermal insulator is an excellent option to prevent condensation problems, are rolls of paper that unfolds and are simple to place, ideal to combat cold and hot humidities. The thermal paper anti-humidity are glued to the wall and once dry the adhesive can be painted walls or continue wallpapering on top, leaving a much more natural finish.

In addition to preventing moisture problems, serve for the coating of wet walls by condensation, being a good option to improve the facade of walls and ceilings, some people know it as “Thermal paper damp-proof walls”, as it is used mainly in the walls, the rolls of Thermal Paper are 50 x 10 cm and are two thicknesses, 2 mm and 4 mm, can also be found in sheets and are made of expanded polystyrene.

The price of the Anti-humidity Thermal Paper for walls can vary depending on the size of the roll, we can find prices from 20 euros to 120 euros, also depends a lot on the material and the brand. A similar product is the thermal insulation or acoustic insulation panel that serve to protect the walls from condensation problems, these are made of aluminum with bubbles, polyethylene foam, rock wool, mineral wool, fiberglass, glass plate, etc.

papel termico antihumedad paredes

The Call for Air Treatment (CTA)

The CTA is a machine that introduces air from outside to inside the house, from a single point, this machine preheats the air and spreads it throughout the interior of the house, to balance the temperature and humidity of the air in all rooms or areas of the house. Generally this device preheats the air temperature to 17 º C, being the most appropriate and ideal temperature, in some places known as “High Humidity”.

The use of this device allows us to avoid condensation in our homes because its main objective is to renew the indoor air and introduce the outside air previously treated to maintain an ideal temperature, perhaps one day you wondered how to solve problems of condensation in a home, well I’ll tell you that this device or also known as CTA Humidity would be a good option to start treating it.

cta humedad


Images of Condensation Damp

Here are some images of condensation moisture for you to see the problem that can cause in our homes, also find some drawing of condensation with a technical explanation about the problems that can cause moisture condensation.


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