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Dampness in House

humedad en casa

The problems of Dampness in House are one of the most frequent that we can find mainly by the humidity by condensation we can see stains of humidity or mold, these two are key symptoms that the house is suffering from a problem of Dampness in House, which we must take action immediately so that is why in this web we have specialized in the humidities, types of humidities, solutions, among many subjects related to the Dampness in House.

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It is also worth mentioning that humidity is a problem that we do not usually give an importance to the beginning, but when the damage is aggravated is there that we just worry and that is why the emphasis I do that you should take immediate action because the more damage to the structures of the house, is more expensive and in some serious cases it is necessary to evict the house.

Dampness in House


What are Humidity?

Humidity is the water vapor that contains the environment this can be in an open or closed environment, but as we are going to talk about Dampness in House so let’s go for the relative humidity, if this exceeds 70% humidity in the home means that the home is more prone to suffer from moisture problems, the Dampness in House can be measured with a hygrometer, if it has less than 60% we should not worry but we are almost at the limit of entering a relatively high humidity at home.

A high Dampness in House can originate humidities by condensation since the air is very high in concentration of vapor, also the cold climates and high rains can originate the humidity by capillarity that comes accompanies with the humidities and underground waters and the humidities by filtration are originated by the rains and broken pipes. And this more than clear if the house is not waterproofed and isolated date by fact that the house is suffering or will suffer from a problem of moisture.

precio reparacion humedades

Capillary Humidity

Humidity by Capillarity is the ascendancy of the humidities and mineral salts of the soil by means of the small conduits of the capillaries of the walls of the housing, arriving to develop flaws in the walls as the appearance of stains of humidity, mold, bad smells and the appearance of the saltpeter, this can be seen in the inferior part of our walls and low plants since it is nearer to the ground.

Then the humidity in the house by capillarity consists in the ascent of the underground waters and mineral salts of the ground by means of the porous structures of the walls and walls of our house. To all this we have two questions: How to eliminate humidity by capillarity? and How to avoid humidity by capillarity? The best solution for both questions is the waterproofing of all housing, so we can prevent this problem of humidity appears in the future.

humedad por capilaridad en paredes

Humidity by Condensation

The humidity by condensation is presented by the condensation or vaporization of the humidity in the house, it is usually presented mainly in winter season and when the relative humidity exceeds 80%, likewise the steam from the kitchen and the shower provides is a phenomenon that brings with it problems of humidity in the house, such as stains of humidity, mold and bad odors.

The phenomenon of condensation happens when the hot air of the surface collides with the cold walls, reaching to condense and to generate big problems of humidity, this physical process can be seen better in the windows, an example: when we cook steam is generated and this is replicated in the windows and furniture, those jets of water that we see as they slide is the condensation of the humidity, but imagine that this happens in the walls.

When you know this you may ask yourself: How to eliminate humidity by condensation? or How to avoid humidity by condensation? Well is simple the best solution for this is a good ventilation of the house and use on walls and ceilings a waterproof thermal paint so that steam can not penetrate it, we also recommend you go to a specialist in humidities.

humedades en paredes por condensacion

Filtration Humidity

The humidity by filtration is originated by the filtrations of water from the external part to the interior of the house, this event takes place in season of winter and high rains, in addition when the houses have cracks and fissures increases the probabilities of the filtrations, other of the great motives are the pipes and broken pipes that manage to filter the water by the walls or interiors of the house. They are usually easy to detect compared to other types of dampness.

The filtrations of water by the rain happens by the shortage of impermeabilizantes in bad state, the consequences that can bring are: the stains of humidity, mold, weakening of the structures, leaks, peeling painting and bad smells, in this case we must treat it immediately. In addition, they can trigger other types of humidity, such as humidity by condensation and humidity by capillarity.

Having knowledge of this you will ask yourself: How to fix the humidities by filtration? or How to avoid the filtrations of water? To answer both questions the first thing we must do is a maintenance to our home, I mention this because we can check the state of our home as pipes, connections, internal materials, etc.. And the second is recommended a good waterproofing so that the water can not filter through the walls or ceilings.

humedad en techos de escayola


Problems of Dampness in House

Humidity manages to trigger a series of consequences or problems of humidity, almost most of these can be seen frequently, we already know that there are several types of humidity, in the same way there are several types of problems such as: Problems by condensation, Problems by filtration or Problems by condensation. When you know the consequences of humidities at home you will ask yourself: How to solve the problems of humidities? Don’t worry, below we will show you different solutions, but first let’s know the problems we are going to face.

Moisture Stains

Moisture stains at home is undoubtedly the most notorious problem we can see especially on the walls, there are different types of colors of stains we can find stains black, green, yellow, white among other dark colors. To remove stains of moisture is necessary a sandpaper or spatula with some cleaning products, also has to be reinforced with a damp-proof paint so you do not reappear.

humedad en paredes


Mould is another of the problems of Dampness in House that we can see in the walls, ceilings and floors, this is produced by the high percentage of humidity that has the surface, the easiest way to identify it are seeing the spores of Mould and the different stains of humidity that come accompanied, it is necessary to emphasize that there are 3 types of mould that are coupled to the humidity, this can be differentiated by the colour of the stains, it can be of black, green, yellow, white or other dark colours.

Moho en paredes

Saltpetre in Walls

The Salitre is a problem of humidity that happens by the capillarity, that is to say by the ascent of underground waters and the minerals of the floors, by means of the holes of the porous materials of the wall, in comparison of the other problems this one is more harmful and difficult to solve, since the saltpeter begins to eat the walls and therefore to fall to pieces, it is recommended to go to a specialist or an anti-humidity company.

Salitre en Paredes

Water Leaks

Water leaks are a key symptom that the house is suffering from dampness by filtration, this can be deduced only by seeing that the surfaces are wet and dark color, also the stains and peeling walls are other problems that come with the leaks. This problem of humidity in the house occurs in winters due to high rains and broken pipes and tubes, as well as the lack of waterproofing or waterproofing in poor condition.

Humedad en techos de concreto

Bad Smells

The bad smells are undoubtedly another of the consequences that we see by the humidity in the house, this can be generated by the high percentage of humidity that can have the room, you can notice especially in room and closed and dark surfaces, such as basements or bathrooms. This problem can trigger health problems for the inhabitants of the house as headaches and / or respiratory problems because it is outdoors in the house, it is very important to give an anti-humidity treatment as soon as possible.

olor a humedad en casa

Bugs of Dampness in House

The bugs or insects of the humidity in house is another of the problems that comes accompanied with the humidity, it is possible to say that the high percentage of humidity attracts these insects, its single presence confirms that the housing this happening through problems of humidity, in addition that they are harmful for the health since they can trigger a series of diseases like the asthma or the bronchitis. I’m going to mention the most frequent bugs and / or worms of humidity in the house that we can see.

  • Silverfish
  • Humidity Cochineal
  • Moisture Mites
  • Humidity Flies
  • Springtails
  • Plaster beetle

pececillos de plata

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Health Problems

Health problems because of humidity is another of the serious symptoms that has this housing problem, now we know that humidity does not only affect the home because it also affects the inhabitants, usually babies, children, pregnancies and elderly are the most vulnerable and exposed to suffer various diseases, it should be noted that it is highlighted by respiratory diseases and headaches, here I will mention the most common diseases you can have, it is very important to eliminate the humidity of the home to prevent future diseases.

  • Nasal Congestion
  • Throat irritation
  • Cough or wheezing
  • Eye irritation
  • Irritation in the pool
  • Allergies and infections
  • Lung diseases

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Dampness in House how to eliminate it?

Eliminating humidity should be one of our priorities when suffering from these, in the market there are many solutions or treatments that promise to solve any type of humidity one better than the other, but you have to be honest you can not apply a solution to all moisture problems, it must be said that each solution specializes in a problem, for example: you can not apply an anti-humidity paint in problems of leaks, it is illogical because the paint will continue to detach, I hope you understand the concept. But don’t worry, we’re going to give you some tips and solutions to eliminate Dampness in House.

  • To remove stains of moisture and mold: It is necessary the help of an anti-mold spray or disinfectant product to remove bacteria from the wall, also should be sanded or peeled with the spatula because the paint is damaged or may contain mold, and then we can perform the entire procedure of cleaning and painting.
  • To eliminate water leaks: It is necessary to make an inspection to the house to then acquire the diagnosis of Dampness in House, it may be serious or mild, that depends greatly on the result, if the house suffers from damp for sure must have cracks and fissures in the exterior walls or pipes and pipes damaged, in both cases the water seeps more easily and therefore produces moisture, and then we can perform the repair procedure.
  • To eliminate the saltpeter of the walls: If it will be a little more complex since this problem needs a more professional work by specialists in humidities. After the diagnosis of the Dampness in House we must proceed with the solution to eliminate this type of humidities, the best solution is the waterproofing and isolation of the house.
  • To eliminate bad smells and health problems: It is more than recommended to provide an anti-humidity treatment as soon as possible to eradicate and prevent moisture in the house. With any solution we take to eliminate moisture, odors and health problems will disappear, no matter if the Dampness in House is by condensation in the same way should be treated to eliminate these two problems.
  • And finally to eliminate the bugs of the humidity: It is recommended that you carry out a fumigation and disinfect the house, likewise a frequent cleaning contributes to the disappearance of these insects from the humidity. Although if the problem is not so serious the best solution for the Dampness in House by the bugs is with a spray kills pests of moisture, with a few sprays we can eliminate them, also do not forget the continuous cleaning.


limpiar la humedad del Techo


Home Solutions

If you are one of the people who like more homemade solutions this could be of great help to you, also that they are less polluting and treatable, but equally we must take precaution, it is recommended to use gloves and masks in all cases for safety. Home humidity solutions can eliminate moisture in walls, ceilings and floors, that’s for sure. So I’m going to leave you a simple example that will help you to remove the humidity from the house:

How to eliminate Mould and Moisture Stains?

  • First: We must remove the peeling paint or leftover that remains on the roof because it may contain mold, also help us to better match our anti-mold paint for roofs, this can be done with the help of a spatula and with the help of a wall sandpaper.
  • Second: We have several options, we can use vinegar, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, borax, ammonia, and so on. In any case mix with a little water and add to a spray, let stand for a few minutes.
  • Third: Use the spray with the homemade anti-mold remedy and apply it to the area that contains mold, let stand for about 10 minutes and reapply for 10 minutes more.
  • Fourth: Use a special sponge to clean walls and start rubbing and rubbing, until you can see that the ceiling is without any stain, ie clean. Soak the sponge with water and rub again until the roof is completely clean and let the roof dry for 40 minutes.
  • Fifth: Before painting add a white base coat and then use an anti-mold paint on the roof, so that it does not come out or reproduce again.

Here are some homemade home moisture removal products that are easy to prepare and effective.

  • Bleach
  • Borax
  • White Vinegar
  • White Vinegar with Lemon Juice
  • Ammonia
  • Sodium Peroxide
  • Boric Acid, etc.

Como quitar el moho de las paredes


Home Moisture Removal Products

There are many products to eliminate Dampness in House only we must choose the most appropriate to our problem, we must remember before thinking about solutions, treatments and anti-humidity products we must consider that the ideal humidity in the home must be below 70%, for this we must help ourselves of a hygrometer that will provide us with the exact humidity of the home and if it exceeds 70% and we can see the problem and think of solutions, I mention this as we have not said before.

On the other hand we have also mentioned that health problems occur because of moisture in the home, also have to think about products that eliminates moisture but also does not harm the health of the inhabitants, such as buying a super fumigator for pests of moisture that when we use it causes nausea and headaches, well is a simple example, I will list the anti-humidity products most used.

  • Anti-mold Detergent
  • Anti-mold Spray
  • Liquid waterproofing agents
  • Anti-humidity membranes
  • Thermal anti-humidity paint
  • Wireless electroosmosis
  • Anti-humidity mortars
  • hygroconvectors
  • Insulation against humidity, etc.

productos para humedad en paredes


Images of Dampness in House

We are going to show you some images and photos that we have taken on the humidity in house, I hope that it is of great contribution.


Frequently asked questions about humidity at home

Moisture in the safe house?

Moisture repairs are not cheap and to cover it is necessary to have a large checkbook, so it is recommended to take out home insurance to cover these problems of moisture at home, which assumes the risks and costs that can cause, it may not be easy to find because there are many insurers who do not promise to cover most of the damage, but it is better to pay a small monthly fee that disburse about 15 thousand euros for damage from water leaks and damp by capillarity.

How much is the price of moisture repair?
Well as we have mentioned before the prices are not economic to fix all the damages of humidities, perhaps I have exaggerated to mention that we can spend 15 thousand euros in fixing the humidities, but this price can include the damaged furniture, the structures that have to be reconstructed, invoices of the hospital, price of the fumigation among other expenses.

But if you want to know how much is the price to remove moisture I will tell you an average price as it costs in Spain, to eliminate the humidity by capillarity the average price is 1.750 to 4.500 euros, then for the moisture by filtration the price is 1.500 to 2.000 euros and finally for condensation moisture the average price is 1.180 euros. These prices may vary depending on the degree of damage, duration, quality of materials, dimensions of moisture and company policies.

precio reparacion humedades

Why is there Dampness in House?

This happens because the air of the house contains too much humidity, too much water vapor in its composition, also the outside air if it contains too much moisture can cause moisture problems in facades and terraces. As we have mentioned if the environment contains more than 70% humidity, the home is more prone to suffer more moisture problems as the most common is moisture condensation, to prevent them is recommended a waterproofing, insulation, liquid waterproofing, anti-humidity paint, good ventilation and continuous hygiene and finally a good maintenance to the house.

Dampness in House

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