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Moisture bugs

Bichos de la humedad

Welcome to our Humidity at Home website today we are going to talk about Moisture bugs, generally these household insects appear when the home suffers from humidity, it can be humidity by capillarity, condensation and filtration. With the only thing to see the presence of the silver fish or the chanchitos of the humidity we give for fact that we have a plague of bugs in house by the humidity.

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So we are going to deal with several topics that are going to interest like: What are Moisture bugs or Humidity bugs, types of Moisture bugs,, how to combat Moisture bugs, how to eliminate Moisture bugs, poison treatments for humidity bugs, images, questions and many more topics.

Moisture bugs


What are moisture bugs or Humidity Bugs?

The Insects or Moisture bugs are small plagues that appear when our house suffers of problems of humidities a great example, they are the humid walls or the basements with filtrations of water, both events manage to increase the percentage of humidity of the house and therefore it gives the welcome to the insects of humidity.

Humidity bugs usually attach to any surface of the house, can be roofs, terraces, basements or walls, also tend to damage the structures and parts of the house, such as thermal insulation, clothing, furniture, wooden doors, and so on. If this problem is not treated in time, it will get worse and worse, and may even cause health problems for the most vulnerable people such as children or elderly people.

Here I am going to mention the most common damp insects that we can find at home, you may have already seen them and you had not realized that they were one of the plagues of insects in the house caused by moisture.

Bichos de la humedad

Silverfish (Lepisma)

The small fishes of silver with scientific name (Lepisma saccharina) are also known as fish of silver, fish of silver or bichos elongated of the humidity, it is a small insect of silvery color or shining gray, they usually reach 1 cm of length and 12 mm of diameter, they have the form of a flattened carrot, it has 2 antennas and 3 appendages between the superior and inferior part of the body.

The silvery Lepisma is attracted by environments with high levels of humidity and darkness, are usually fed on organic matter, starch, silicone and remains of tissue and skin, generally found in bookshelves, basements, closets or the hinges of doors.

Bearing in mind these details, you will ask yourself: How to eliminate silverfish? Well there are many ways to do them, the most effective is a fumigation carried out by a moisture company or you can also see other ways to eliminate it that I’m leaving you lines below.

pececillos de plata

Humidity Cochinillas

Humidity Cochinillas with scientific name (Armadillidum vulgare) are also known as Chanchitos de Tierra, bichos bola, marranitos, insecto bola or bichos bolita, because of their round appearance when they are curled up. This black bug belongs to the family of the arthropods crustaceans of the mainland more related to shrimp than to insects, you will have seen them under the stones or bricks of the garden.

The Bicho bolita and the silver fish are the most frequent Moisture bugs in the house that we can find, the cochineal is flat and oval in appearance, it can measure between 1 to 1.5 cm, has 14 legs in the upper part and 12 in the lower part of his body, they can only reproduce 2 generations a year and usually live in humid places such as damaged wood or under rocks.

You will ask yourself: How to eliminate the cochineal of the humidity? or How to eliminate the bugs ball of the humidity? The most appropriate way is through a fumigation, but if you want we will leave you other alternatives to kill it. They are also considered as Moisture bugs in the wall since they usually live inside the wall and sometimes it is more difficult to exterminate them since it is not easy to find the nest.

Cochinillas de la humedad

Moisture Mites

Moisture mites are very small bugs, usually measuring between 0.48 to 0.28 mm, very difficult to see the human eye, these dust bugs increase the risk of respiratory diseases, such as asthma in babies, among other symptoms such as chills, tiredness, headaches, cold feet, and so on. All of these can be produced just by breathing or inhaling humid environments, and they tend to happen more frequently in the winter and autumn seasons.

You can find these tiny bugs in walls, ceilings, clothes, mattress or furniture, being easier to contract discomfort, and therefore we must eliminate it as soon as possible, surely you will ask: How to end the mites of moisture? With good ventilation, lighting and average temperature of 18 º C we can prevent them appear and to eliminate them would advise you to clean and disinfect the house more often.

acaros de la humedad

Moisture Flies

The Humidity Flies with scientific name (Psychoda spp) are also known as bath fly, moth fly or drain fly, this is a type of fly that usually lives in places with high humidity levels, we must be very careful with these bugs at home as the female usually lays between 200 eggs per week in humid places, usually bathrooms, basements and kitchen.

The Moth Fly is small in size, measures up to 4 to 8 mm in its adult state, are grayish brown and its wings are covered with scales, usually hidden in grids, pipes and dark places with high humidity density, usually are very slow to fly and are some of the most disgusting moisture bugs we can find.

On the other hand you will ask yourself: How to eliminate the humidity flies? Well some will say that a fly swatter is enough, but it would not be the most recommendable very apart from the traditional tactic is to recommend using disinfectant products, insecticides and also eliminate moisture so that these flies do not appear.

Moscas de la Humedad

Other insects or humidity worms at home

We are going to mention you other insects or moisture bugs but they are not so common, this type of insects at home by moisture may not be as well known as silverfish or cochineal moisture at home, but if you need to know it.

  • Springtails
  • Plaster beetle
  • Humidity worms
  • Bed bugs humidity

Moisture bugs


How to remove bugs Moisture bugs?

The best way to remove these Moisture bugs is to contact specialists or moisture company will already have a more professional or appropriate treatment for this type of problem. But if you see that the problem is not so serious and is easy to manage I will provide some home solutions to help you eliminate or exterminate this type of pest.

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Ethyl Alcohol

Ethyl alcohol can be a home remedy to eliminate the plague of mealybugs at home or silverfish, just find the nest and spray these insects or bugs with a spray of moisture, we will see how they twist and die within seconds.

This home remedy is effective as long as the contact is direct with the plague, remember that alcohol has disinfectant properties that manages to eliminate bacteria and fungi from the affected area or surface. In the same way it is effects for the Moisture bugs in the bath or kitchen.

alcohol etilico

Boric Acid

Boric Acid is one of the ideal products to eliminate lepismas, it is enough to spray a little of the white powder in the corners, cracks and corners of the house, thanks to its antiseptic properties, bactericides and insecticides and besides that it is inoffensive for the human being, this can be the best homemade solution to eliminate the bugs of the humidity of the walls and floors, and any type of the bugs of humidity in house.

It is worth mentioning that bugs at home by moisture usually walk around corners and corners of the house, then boric acid would be the trap to exterminate them, being very effective and efficient at the same time.

acido borico

Insecticide for Humidity Bugs

This is not a homemade solution but if it is very effective and recommended because it is a specialized product to eliminate different types of pests, this industrial antipest product must have 1% acetamipride to kill bugs or insect moisture in the house by indigestion, can be sprayed directly or by areas where they transit as corners or corners of the house.

We can get several types of insecticides for example: insecticide for bug ball, for plant fish, for moisture flies, etc.. How important is a powerful poison for moisture insects or Moisture bugs. You may be wondering how to remove Moisture bugs without insecticides. Well you have the two previous options that are also very good.

On the other hand it is recommended to use plug and insulate the area for at least 30 minutes when applying the insecticide, until the strong odor is reduced. And last but not least, the Moisture bugs like the house moisture mealybugs and the silverfish don’t produce any stings, but it is also recommended to exterminate them.

_insecticida para bicho bolita


Pictures and photos of humidity bugs

When I know all the details about humidity bugs and how to exterminate them, I’m going to give you some photos of Moisture bugs at home, maybe you can recognize them, but if not so do not worry that every day one is learning.


Questions About Moisture Bugs

Humidity bugs how to eliminate them?

The most effective way to eliminate the bugs from the humidity is with a frequent cleaning of the house, is this way where these bugs of the humidity will not have a place where to be coupled, also the fumigation is the solution but recommended to exterminate them, in the case of not opting for the fumigation you can do it with insecticides or ethyl alcohol.

Bichos de la humedad

Does my wall have humidity bugs like kill them?

If insecticides or ethyl alcohol do not work for you to kill the bugs from the humidity of the wall, you can use borax or boric acid, both you can spray through the corners and corners of the walls because these house bugs have to go down to the floor to access the rest of the house and that is where our two solutions can act as a trap and help us kill them.

Bichos de la humedad en madera

How to eliminate bugs from moisture in wood?

Wood moisture bugs are often confused with wood bugs, but it should be noted that wood bugs are insects that live in wood and feed on it, here are some insects such as termites, weevils or woodworms usually live in wood while moisture bugs such as fish, flies, cochineals or springtails can be in the wood because they have high levels of moisture and that is why we can find it on doors and furniture in the house.

Cochinillas de la humedad

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