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How to remove mold from roof

Como quitar el moho del Techo

The Mold fungus is one of the many problems we can suffer when the home has moisture or moisture problems, likewise happens with moisture stains being both a problem that we must solve and which can be seen in our walls, ceilings and floors. So today we are going to answer two questions that we often ask ourselves: How to remove mold from roof? and How to remove moisture stains from the roof?

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Mold is a type of fungus that is found outdoors, blooms in places with high percentage of humidity and low luminosity, generally in areas near the forest or the sea, are of microscopic size being impossible to see the human eye. It should be noted that moisture stains almost always comes with mold, meaning that mold spores as found in the open air are added to moisture stains and both can trigger problems housing structures and health problems.

When you know all these details you will ask yourself How to remove mold from roof? or How to remove stains of moisture from the roof? among other questions. Well do not worry with the solutions that we will show you your doubts will be resolved.

How to remove mold from roof


So: How to remove mold from roof?

The mold is the fungus that must be removed immediately because they can reproduce throughout the surface of the roof, as we mentioned earlier this fungus can damage the structures of the house and cause health problems. To clean the mold from the roof we must take into account the type of roofing material in the case of a plaster ceiling, gotéele, drywall or wood, it is advisable to contact is a specialist because it is more difficult to remove the mold and should even change the material as the mold can reappear.

On the other hand if the mold stain is superficial with a few simple steps we can clean, remove or remove the mold, but before that we must protect ourselves because the chemicals we will use can damage our hands and enter through our nostrils, so we must take precautions first.

5 Steps to Eliminate Roof Mold

  1. First: We must remove the peeling or leftover paint that remains on the roof because it may contain mold, also help us to better match our anti-mold paint for ceilings, we can do this with the help of a spatula and with the help of a wall sandpaper.
  2. Second: We have several options, we can use vinegar, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, borax, ammonia, and so on. In any case mix with a little water and add to a spray, let stand for a few minutes.
  3. Third: Use the spray with the homemade anti-mold remedy and apply it to the area that contains mold, let stand for about 10 minutes and reapply for 10 minutes more.
  4. Fourth: Use a special sponge to clean walls and start rubbing and rubbing, until you can see that the ceiling is without any stain, ie clean. Soak the sponge with water and rub again until the roof is completely clean and let the roof dry for 40 minutes.
  5. Fifth: Before painting add a white base coat and then use an anti-mold paint on the roof, so that it does not come out or reproduce again.


Apparently it has not been anything complicated, the good thing is that we have learned how to remove or eliminate mold from the roof with a homemade solution, it is important to highlight the use of gloves, mask and transparent glasses for safety, as we could be exposed to the liquid spray we fall.

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How to remove the stains of humidity in the Roof?

Moisture stains is the clear symptom that the house is going through moisture problems, to see black, dark or green stains we must act as soon as possible because this can spread and aggravate the problem And why do the moisture stains occur? There are many factors, for example: The age of the house, condensation of humidity, humidity by construction or reforms, infiltration of rising humidity, etc..

Mostly you can see stains on the ceiling by condensation, ie that closed environments and low ventilation can cause this type of problem. In order to prevent them from appearing, you will ask yourself: How to remove damp stains from the ceiling? Well, I am going to give you a home-made solution to eliminate stains on the ceiling, similar to the one we use to eliminate mould stains.

5 Steps to Remove Moisture Stains from the Roof

  1. First: Remove the damaged paint with the help of a sandpaper to remove all moisture stains that are on our roof, we can support a ladder to reach, this process can be done with moisture stains on the roof of the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc..
  2. Second: In a container mix lemon juice with white vinegar, for example: juice of 1 lemon with the same amount of white vinegar, then add it in a bottle with spray and let stand for a few minutes so that both ingredients complement each other.
  3. Third: Use the Spray in the affected area and let it act for 10 minutes, then reapply it for another 10 minutes, it is important this step if we want to remove moisture from the ceiling, ie remove stains of moisture.
  4. Fourth: With the help of a flannel or a sponge we must rub or rub the roof to start removing moisture stains, although in the first process we have sanded it is important to remove bacteria or fungi that has the wall to prevent moisture stains coming back.
  5. Fifth: Soak the sponge in water and pass again until the roof is completely clean, then let dry for 40 minutes.
  6. Sixth: And finally give a pass with damp-proofing paint to prevent the males and fungi continue to appear, especially with the problem of condensation. The good thing about painting is that we can find different colors, look for the color of the ceiling or we can give a new paint to our color to suit our taste.

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As we have seen it is nothing of the other world, the good thing of this we have learned how to remove stains of humidity of the roof with a simple homemade solution, in the same way as it advises you to clean the mold of the roof we must use gloves, cover mouth and glasses transparent for security, to avoid the direct contact with the chemicals.

Como quitar el moho del Techo

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