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Damp Walls

humedades en paredes

Humidity is one of the most common problems we have in our homes, especially in the winter temperature is when the percentage of humidity increases, we can see that the humidities in walls, ceilings, floors, windows and basements, also come to cause serious problems to the house to our health, for it we must deal with the problem and find a solution for it.

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In this section we are going to talk about all the humidities in walls as the types of Damp Walls, humidities in interior and exterior walls, humidity by capillarity in walls, Damp Walls by condensation, among many other topics. On the other hand if you want to see specifically certain topics, in our table of contents you can find all the topics classified, you can find in our top left.

damp walls


Damp Walls

Damp Walls are the most noticeable symptoms that our home has moisture problems that can also be replicated in our roof, floor or roof, for this we must take immediate action because this problem brings problems for the home and for our health.

There are many ways and products against moisture in walls, just choose the most appropriate in the event of not having knowledge about the problem of moisture should contact specialists and experts are already the most appropriate people to deal with the problem.

On the other hand we must mention that there are two types of moisture in walls, the moisture in interior walls and moisture in facades or exterior walls, the latter is the great cause of both humidities, especially often happens when facades have cracks and openings.

Salitre en Paredes

Damp internal walls

The humidity in the interior walls can happen with the humidity that ascends from the floor, also with the humidity of the exterior wall and even with the humidity of the ceiling, achieving that this concentrates in the interior of the house and causes stains in the wall, appearance of the mold, bad smells, among other symptoms. To avoid this problem of humidity there are many solutions such as coating, waterproofing, plugging cracks, products and other anti-humidity treatments.

All these questions are made with respect to the humidities in the interior walls, the best solution to avoid and to repair the humidity are the coatings of interior walls anti-humidity, better said the waterproofing in interior and exterior walls, if it is possible in all the house, managing to avoid that the humidity enters our house and collapses with the structures of the walls and to avoid the problems of humidity that we mentioned previously as the stains in the wall, etc.

Damp external walls

Humidity in the exterior wall or also known as humidity in facades is another of the problems of humidity that our house has especially in the winter season and intense rain, generally the humidity in the facades happen through fissures and cracks where the water filters and enters the structures of the walls, likewise it is produced by the capillarity of the ground humidity and the condensation of the exterior.

When we know everything we ask ourselves: How to waterproof an exterior wall? How to cover cracks in exterior walls? How to repair cracks in exterior facades? How to repair a flaking exterior wall? How to cover a wall with moisture? How to cover cracks in exterior facades? or How to cover cracks in exterior walls?

These are some of the questions that we can ask with respect to dampness in exterior walls, we must also consider that cracks in interior walls and moisture in walls and ceilings can contribute to moisture in facades, through the filtration of water.

Dampness in House


Types of Damp Walls

Since we know that humidities can affect both interior and exterior walls also known as facades, we must know that different types of humidities can affect walls, such as capillarity in walls, condensation in walls and filtration in walls. These types of humidities can also critically affect walls as well as house structures.

Without more than saying we are going to touch to detail each one of these problems, finally we must remember the humidity in walls can descandenar a series of problems and aesthetic consequences to our housing.

Damp Walls by Capillarity

The humidity by capillarity are usually seen with more presence in the walls when the saltpeter, minerals and soil moisture rises through our walls managing to trigger a series of problems by moisture, the best known is the saltpeter which is also the most damaging because it begins to fall the walls in pieces and that say the paint is spalling.

Perhaps you wonder how to remove moisture in walls by capillarity? well if we want to avoid these problems we must isolate the wall from moisture by capillarity and as we do this, must waterproof the interior and exterior walls of the house, so that moisture does not rise, also and to remove them we can turn to anti-humidity mortars or if you want a more professional solution to turn to a company specializing in humidities.

When solving this problem we can paint the walls with humidity by capillarity, better said the walls that had this problem and that now is apt for the base and the painting. Finally if you want to treat dampness in walls on your own is necessary to consult with a bricklayer or a specialist to give you the best advice.

humedades en paredes por capilaridad

Damp Walls by Condensation

Damp Walls by condensation is the most frequent problem that usually happens in homes especially in the interior walls by lack of ventilation, just look at the stains, mold, peeling paint on the walls and to fix it costs us money, also can cause health problems for all inhabitants of the home.

There are many solutions for condensation on walls, but before you are sure you should ask yourself: How to eliminate condensation? How to waterproof an interior wall? How to clean interior stone walls? How to remove condensation on walls? or How to paint walls with moisture by condensation?

In order to answer these questions the first thing we have to do is to isolate the wall from condensation and how do we do this? Well this can be done by waterproofing and ventilation of the rooms and we can prevent happening moisture in interior walls by condensation and finally to strengthen the walls we must use thermal paint anti-humidity.

humedades en paredes por condensacion

Damp Walls by filtration

Humidity or filtration of water in walls is very common in the winter season and high rainfall, since water filters through the walls and the ceiling, therefore leads to the foundations of our home, is caused mostly by cracks and crevices in the walls, especially can more moisture by filtration in facades or exterior walls, also broken pipes and pipes are one of the great causes of moisture filtration in walls.

Now that you know how this problem of humidity occurs you will ask yourself: How to fix the water filtrations in the wall? How to detect water filtrations in walls? How to eliminate water filtrations in walls? How to avoid water filtrations in the wall? How to repair water filtrations in walls? How to select the water filtrations in walls? How to cover a water filtrations in the wall? How to eliminate a filtrations in a wall? How to seal the water filtrations in walls?

Well it is clear that first we must make a repair of leaks in walls, ie cover the cracks and fissures of the walls, it is also advisable to check the ceilings if they have any fissure so that a water filtration does not happen in the wall. On the other hand it is advisable to waterproof the walls so that moisture does not pass into the wall and does not destroy the steel and bricks of it.

humedades en paredes por filtracion


Problems of the Damp walls

The consequences or problems of Damp Walls is due to the intense humidity that exists in our home, it can be for the humidity by capillarity, condensation or filtration. If we do not want to have such a problem of humidity, we must avoid moisture in walls, taking anti-humidity actions such as preventions, for example: Ventilate the room, maintenance of pipes and tubes, waterproof walls, etc..

But in the case not to take action in time we will see the following problems that can cause the Damp Walls, it is important to know each one of them and as we will be able to combat them, many solutions exist for Damp Walls only we must choose the most suitable one, without more than to say I present you the possible problems of humidity that can present our walls.

Saltpetre in the Walls

The saltpeter is the saline substance (salts and minerals of the ground) that ascends by our walls from the humid ground, generally happens in zones near and near to the sea, also in forests and zones with high vegetation, but that does not mean that it can happen in the city or another part of the country. The saltpeter is able to raise the lining of the walls, splitting and flaking, is considered the worst consequence of rising damp.

So how can we avoid it? What products exist to eliminate saltpetre in walls? In the market there are thousands of products that promise to eliminate saltpetre in walls, some are good and others promise too much. The first thing we must do is to chop the wall that is in badly to then sanitize the walls with some anti-salitre product and finally add the layer and to return to paint.

In the case of not having any idea with respect to the construction is better to hire a specialist in humidities since these helps you more effectively in the problem, help you to repair the walls in poor condition and build a new wall covering. In order to prevent saltpetre it is recommended to insulate the walls with waterproofers and to use damp-proof mortars that help the saltpetre not to continue ascending through our walls.

Salitre en Paredes

Moisture Stains on the Wall

The stains on the wall is one of the most common symptoms we can find when we are suffering from moisture problems in the home, at first we can see small black spots that spread throughout the wall to achieve an ugly appearance, moisture stains on the wall brings with it bad odors, a bad appearance and also can cause respiratory diseases.

So, how can we remove the humidity from the walls so that the stains do not appear? One of the mistakes we make is to pass the paint over the moisture stains. The most advisable thing is first to file or sand the stain, then use a flannel with a little bleach, white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, let dry for a few minutes and paint with a thermal paint anti-humidity. This can be done as long as the humidity stain is light.

Moho en paredes interiores

Mould on the walls

Mold on walls is one of the problems and headaches that we can have because of moisture, this fungus is caused mostly by condensation and the filtration of moisture that can have the walls, usually accumulate behind the pictures of the wall, next to the air conditioning or heating, can also occur in the free space of the wall, the latter happens when the humidity is relatively high in the home.

Mould in walls due to condensation is more frequent due to the poor ventilation of the dwelling as the high temperature of the surface with the low temperature of the walls collide causing the phenomenon of condensation and therefore stains and mould in walls. So how can we remove mould from walls due to condensation? Or better still, how can we remove mould from walls?

A home way to eliminate mold on the walls is to file or sand the mold, then clean with bleach, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or baking soda and let dry for a few minutes and then apply the anti-humidity paint, remember that it is a home solution if you want a more professional you can go to a professional, another point is that this can eliminate mold not prevent it remember to ventilate rooms and take precautions so that mold does not appear on walls.

humedades en paredes soluciones caseras

Peeling walls

Chipped or peeling walls happen when moisture generates paint bubbles and this burst achieving an ugly appearance to the wall, mostly comes with the following stains and mold on walls. The wall spalling can expand in all the surface of the wall, for it we must fix the spalling wall or better said to repair the spalling of the wall, since in the future it can be a greater and complicated problem to treat.

And then we have the following questions: How to fix a peeling wall? How to repair peeling walls? How to fix a peeling wall? How to solve moisture problems in walls? or How to remove moisture in walls? First you have to know that to avoid peeling walls we must avoid having moisture in the walls.

On the other hand to fix peeling walls must use a pallet or scraper and peel the damaged surface, then apply the paste of damp-proofing mortar so that moisture does not continue to pass through the wall and finally use a damp-proofing paint, this would be a homemade solution and easy to do.

Moisture on exterior walls

Damp Walls and Health

Moisture in walls is one of the problems that directly affect homes, especially the structures and facades of the home, but it should also be noted that they can directly affect health, especially the most defenseless are children, pregnant women and elderly people.

For this reason it is necessary to treat the humidity of the house, provide anti-humidity treatment in walls, floors and ceilings, especially in dark places with a higher percentage of humidity such as basements. I am going to mention the illnesses or health problems that can be acquired by having humidity in the home, this should be taken with great seriousness.

  • Poor air quality when breathing.
  • Pain in the bones, muscles and joints of the body.
  • Respiratory problems (Cough, Asthma, infections and conditions).
  • Asthmatiform bronchitis and chronic bronchitis.
  • Stress and headaches
  • Nasal conditions in infants, children, pregnant women, and the elderly.
  • Bad Smells
  • Chills
  • Tiredness and fatigue.
  • Among other health problems due to humidity in walls.

Humedad en paredes y Salud


How to solve problems of Damp Walls?

Now that we have known about humidity in interior and exterior walls, the types of humidity that our walls can have and the humidity problems that walls can have, it is time to know the solutions and treatments of humidity in walls, which we can use to eradicate or eliminate the Damp Walls.

Inside it we will know many products that help us to fix a wall with humidity or to repair walls with humidity, also it is not necessary to forget that we are going to offer homemade solutions for the Damp Walls.

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Products for Damp Walls

In this section you are going to know which are the products for humidity in walls more used, that help to eliminate the humidities in walls, in the majority of the cases they are used to offer solutions against the humidity in walls, ceilings and floors. Without more than to say today I present you.

productos para humedad en paredes

Wall Moisture Detector

The detector or wall moisture meter is a device that allows us to measure the humidity of the wall or areas where we want to find out, consists of puncturing the two electrodes on the surface of the wall and the meter will show you the level of humidity and temperature of the wall, is very easy to use and gives you the information as soon as possible.

After the detection of moisture we can proceed to the repair of Damp Walls, which we can use other anti-humidity products, more than all the moisture detector in walls facilitates us with the diagnostics and to identify which are the walls that suffer from moisture, exist in many presentations and different functions.

detector de humedad en paredes

Anti-humidity paint

The anti-humidity paint also known as liquid waterproofing is the ideal paint for walls with moisture, of course as long as it is solved the moisture that had the wall, the paint would be the last procedure to complete a treatment anti-humidity in walls.

So, how to paint walls with humidity? It is simple to apply only that you need a little more paint and drying takes a little longer compared to a traditional paint, but the benefits are rewardable because the walls can be washed and moisture no longer penetrate the walls. We can also find different colors, being easy to find the one that best suits our tastes.

As mentioned above to use the paint for damp walls must first repair the walls with moisture, since the anti-humidity paint can prevent the moisture from entering the surface walls, but not solve the problem of internal humidity of the wall, if not do so we will continue with the same problem and in the future will be much worse and more expensive to solve.

Pintura antihumedad impermeabilizante

Thermal insulators

Thermal insulators are anti-humidity construction products that allow us to insulate wall materials with the surface of the wall, ensuring that moisture does not condense, filter or the capillarity does not rise up the walls, it could be said that they are like sheets that prevent the entry of moisture between the inner wall and the surface of the wall.

These can be made of different materials, for example: expanded polystyrene, polyurethane, reflective rolls, glass wool, rock wool, coconut fibres, glass fibres, etc. The important thing is that it helps us with the isolation of Damp Walls and to cover the walls with humidity, that is to say that when using them already we would not have problems of humidity in the future.

Of all the solutions for Damp Walls this is the most effective and lasting, in the case of having asked you: How to lay a wall with dampness? How to solve dampness in walls? or How to repair Damp Walls? Now you know that you have to waterproof your walls and home with these products, I will mention the most known and used.

  • Thermal paper anti-humidity in walls
  • Insulation moisture in interior wall
  • Moisture insulation on exterior wall
  • Insulating panels for facades
  • Anti-humidity membranes
  • Thermal paper for damp-proofing walls
  • Damp-proofing insulation on walls
  • Damp-proof panels for walls

Membranas a Prueba de Humedad

Home Solutions for Damp Walls

Homemade solutions serve more than anything to treat the slightest humidity and easy to solve, in the event that the damage is serious as the appearance of saltpetre it is advisable to go to a specialist in humidity as homemade solutions will not have any effect against this damage by moisture. In this case the walls should be isolated from humidity because it is a more complex process compared to a slight problem of humidity.

To fix the Damp Walls with slight damage we will mention 3 solutions home and easy to apply, it is important to remember that in all these cases is advisable to use gloves and mouth cover so that germs do not enter our body and prevent future diseases.

  1. In a container add lemon juice and white vinegar, mix in a bolw and reserve. Then we must clean and sand the affected area and then add a spray liquid bolw, ie lemon juice and vinegar, let soak for a few minutes and clean with a handkerchief. This homemade remedy can be used against damp stains and mould.
  2. The house should be ventilated, we can do with opening the window, turn on the fan and use the air conditioning at 18 º C, since the air inside the house to be concentrated can increase the temperature of the rooms and to impact with the temperature of the wall this can be condensed both in walls, roof and window. This home solution is ideal for preventing condensation moisture and damage such as stains, mildew and flaking walls.
  3. It is totally forbidden to hang clothes inside the house because the humidity of the clothes can impregnate the walls of the house, which can cause an unpleasant smell.

humedades en paredes soluciones caseras

Questions about Damp Walls

How to remove Damp Walls?

In the case of being a slight humidity a homemade solution can be used as: In a container add lemon juice and white vinegar, mix in a bolw and reserve. Then we must clean and sand the affected area and then add a spray liquid bolw, ie lemon juice and vinegar, let soak for a few minutes and clean with a handkerchief.

And if the damage is serious is better to contact a specialist in humidities in walls since these will offer you a more professional solution.

como quitar humedades en paredes

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